Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Watch is a Gift to Remember

In the frantic run-up to Christmas, sales of men’s watches increase dramatically as many people choose to purchase one for a partner or loved one. Men’s watches are popular gifts for birthdays and anniversaries, but the Christmas period sees sales soar far beyond the expectations of the retailers. Watches make a thoughtful gift as they are something that can be used every day; many other presents can only be used occasionally and usually get forgotten about after a few months but a watch is used daily and will often have very special memories attached to it. Men’s watches come in both digital and analogue designs; before looking for a watch for your loved one it is a good idea to subtly find out which of these types of watch would most appeal to them so you know which type of watches to concentrate your search on.

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The perfect style

If you are purchasing an expensive watch then it might be a good idea to tell your loved one of your intentions so that they can view the available watches and have input into the one they would like; watches can be quite personal items and if they are especially picky then they might want to choose for themselves. If you are adamant that the gift is to remain a surprise then there are still things you can do to help get an idea of what style they like; you could even suggest that you are buying a watch for someone else and ask his opinion on what he thinks is a nice watch. You should be able to tell the style of watch he would like form his personality and other tastes; for example if he is particularly sporty or adventurous then it would probably be best to go for a watch that has multiple features and a hard outer shell to protect it. If your partner or loved one is a fan of stylish design then you should start the search by checking out some of the designer watch ranges that are sold in many jeweller; these can provide great value for money.

The final touch

Most watches will come in a plush box that will showcase the watch to its full potential. These boxes can be easily wrapped and will make a very attractive present. Many jewellers, online and on the high street, offer a wrapping service for you and will finish off the gift with a bow and some ribbon for extra decoration. Before purchasing a watch you should ensure you understand the terms and conditions of the warranty in order to make sure you are entitled to a replacement if the watch is faulty. Some watches feature several dials that also show you what the time is in other countries around the world; other watches might include an alarm that you can set to sound at a certain time of the day or the night; many people use this to wake them in the mornings.

Ted Baker Watches - What You Should Know About Them

Ted Baker watches are designed by the brand Ted Baker, a British brand name UK

 that has been around since the late 80s. Ted Baker watches appeal to people for a variety of reasons, but their primary appeal lies in their exclusive originality and contemporary styles that help to set them apart from other stereotypical watch designs. Ted Baker also designs a range of shoes and clothing, and in fact did not start making watches until quite recently. However, the many fans and repeat customers that Ted Baker has attracted over the course of the brand name's existence have been quite happy with the latest addition of watches.

A Style for both Men and Women

Ted Baker clothes, shoes, accessories, and watches are attractive to a lot of people because of the bold colours used in their design. Some watches have orange leather bands or leather textures that resemble crocodile skin. These are just two of the many different designs and styles available within the Ted Baker watch range. Some feature pink and purple as prominent colours within the display and band section of the watch itself. This diversity of styles helps to ensure that both men and women will find something that is appealing to them.

Price Ranges

Ted Baker has gained cult status for a lot of British people who appreciate the contemporary and eclectic mix of styles offered. Price ranges typically fall within the mid-range between more expensive designer brands and regular street sales. You can find Ted Baker watches sold for around £100.


Most people are comfortable with typical analogue watches when it comes to choosing a watch for style. Others prefer digital watches that offer a variety of additional features need in certain situations like mountain climbing or scuba diving. However, the majority of those interest in purchasing Ted Baker watches want something that is visually appealing and eccentric. Chances are you will be able to find something that is contemporary and innovative in design without lacking in the same classical qualities that make the regular analogue watch an all time favourite. Some analogue designs feature an angled display with an odd rectangular geometric design that looks remarkably different from regular watch designs. Most Ted Baker watches have leather wrist bands but some feature steel, chrome, or silver-styled designs as well.


Ted Baker watches are reputable and have been around for quite some time. If you choose to buy one, chances are that it will last you quite a long time if you take good care of it. Ted Baker watches are great if you are looking for a style that is a little out of the ordinary but will still not look out of place alongside stylish contemporary clothing. There are plenty of different places that you can buy Ted Baker watches from, so make sure to spend some extra time looking through different stores if you have made your mind up about buying one. This will ensure that you find the best prices.
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Dolce & Gabbana Watches - D & G

When it comes to watches there is no other designer label that offers the variety in looks and styles than that of Dolce and Gabbana, or as they are commonly known D&G. The D&G label is emblazoned across the faces of some of the best d&g designer watch and cutting edge watches in the world; such is the stature of the brand that their business is not confined to just one country. Dolce and Gabbana watches fly from shelves in the UK as regularly as they do in the US, Australia or Italy.

Since its founding in 1985 by the designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, D&G has grown into one of the world’s most luxurious and well respected fashion brands with a turnover close to one billion. Watches are a massive part of that turnover with men, women and children able to choose from watches of all kinds

One thing that sets D&G watches apart from those of other designers is the fact that when compared in terms of price, D&G offers excellent value for money. Many watches in the D&G range are under £100; a low price tag combined with high quality product is a major part of their popularity.

Trying to describe a D&G watch in a few words is a tough task as no two watches are the same. There are watches with straps made from fabric, leather, plastic, rubber and metal, each with different designs; analogue and digital dials are equally as popular and dials can come in LCD, mirror and mother of pearl, to name but a few.  D&G is on top of the fashion world when it comes to in season trends. Colours are normally one of those trends and watches are available in many colours and styles, and a whole lot more besides.

Solid steel casings and straps can come in various forms with D&G watches; gold tone, silver, aluminium; titanium and black colour steel are some of the types that are popular with customers.

Dolce & Gabbana market their watch range under the D&G range and by visiting the company`s official online store it will give you a taste just what watches are on offer. Styles include, chrono, digital and dual time watches. Dual time watches offer both kind of dial on the same watch face, something that can only be found in the flamboyant designs of a D&G watch.

Quartz analogue and digital movement is something that comes as standard with a D&G watch and even the most stylish and formal watches are water resistant up to 30 metres. Every watch from the D&G range will come with the standard two years warranty no matter where is purchased from. The watch will also come with a presentation watch box that is perfect for storing the watch in the rare times that it is not on your wrist, the box also makes it perfect for a gift to a loved one search the limitless range of official dolce and gabanna watches at ticwatches.co.uk watch shop online

Online stores such as the Watch Hut and the Watch Shop are official watch sellers and can offer customers free and next day delivery services as-well as selling watches at a reduction on high street prices.  They also have the best ranges of D&G watches available outside the official store, each with the Dolce & Gabbana precision time keeping ability and cutting edge, contemporary fashion look.


The Watch – A Man’s Accessory of Choice

Looking for something for your man for xmas then a posh new designer watch could be just what hes after.

Sometimes it may seem to men like women get all the fun and funky when it comes to accessorising their outfits with a range of different items; most men wear very few accessories but many wish they could incorporate more into their daily wardrobe. Men’s watches are probably the only accessory some men will even wear; even though men’s jewellery has increased in popularity over the last few years it is still not popular with all men. Men’s watches can make a great choice for a gift for the special man in your life; men love the functionality of a watch and, when combined with a stylish twist, it can really attract a lot of admirers. Men’s watches can be bought at a number of retail shops on the high street and also at many fine jewellers; they can also be purchased online, and the choice available seems almost endless. If you are going to be purchasing online it is a good idea to take the time to research the exact type of watch you would like to buy to make sure it fits your requirements; several pictures of each watch are usually available to view to help you make your selection from this range of funky watches at tic watches and COOL watches some are ice cool he he!

Make it a gift for someone special

The great thing about giving a watch as a gift to the special man in your life is that it is a gift that will last forever, with proper care and maintenance of course. Watches can be purchased from as cheaply as a few pounds all the way up to thousands of pounds. Some watches are so exclusive and expensive that they are coveted by many; there are several fine watchmakers that have cult followings, and their watches will usually fetch very large sums at auction. There are so many different styles of watches that it is easy to be able to find one that is perfectly suited to your individual taste; some men may need a watch that can withstand rugged activities and being submerged in water, whilst other men may require a watch that is the very epitome of class. Most men have a preference over whether they prefer analogue or digital watches; some people detest digital watches as the feel it takes the craftsmanship out of the watch by simply displaying the current time.

Waterproof watches
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Many men’s watches are waterproof, although not all; in order to check whether a watch is waterproof you will need to check the individual specifications or consult the company that manufactured it. Watches that are waterproof can often still work even down to very extreme depths. If a watch is not waterproof then even accidentally wearing it in the shower or dropping it in the sink will usually be enough to render it unusable. Divers wear special waterproof designs that can let them go down to great depths without being affected by the water or the pressure. Many members of the Royal Navy wear specialist watches to help them go about their day to day duties.